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Bulk Billing X-Ray

Plain x-ray is available in all Queensland X-Ray practices* across the state.

Patients visiting a Queensland X-Ray practice don鈥檛 need an appointment for x-rays. We provide a walk-in x-ray service for all signed referrals from a registered medical practitioner.

At our community practices we offer a range of bulk bill options for routine radiology without compromising quality. Our bulk billed modalities such as x-ray and OPG take a short amount of time and are routine examinations. After their x-ray
, our patients may be required to wait for their images and report or these may be sent to their referring doctor electronically.

Our bulk billing options mean that although you may have a broken bone, receiving diagnostic imaging from Queensland X-Ray won鈥檛 break your bank. Queensland X-Ray also provides bulk billing on other Medicare-eligible examinations for pensioner concession and health care card holders.

(*excluding Meadowbrook)

Brisbane MRI

Queensland X-Ray provides a comprehensive MRI service across South East Queensland. With scanners at our Mater, Greenslopes and Sunnybank Private Hospital practices, and within our community practices at Coorparoo, Bayside and Southport, we can offer a local MRI service to the surrounding suburbs.

Examinations at our MRI scanners in the Queensland X-Ray practices at Greenslopes and Mater Private Hospitals are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Our MRI service at Greenslopes Private Hospital is enhanced by a specialist MRI Breast Imaging service. Breast MRI provides a further imaging option after Mammogram and Ultrasound have, and is particularly useful for imaging younger women.

Queensland X-Ray has the largest suite of MRI scanners in the state. Situated at Coorparoo and Sunnybank Private Hospital, our wide-bores scanners have a greater diameter and are shorter in length. This is particularly helpful for claustrophobic, paediatric and bariatric patients.

Fluoroscopy Screening

Fluoroscopy, or screening examinations, record real time moving images to visualise a patient鈥檚 internal organs and anatomy . Using a low dose, continuous x-ray, the machines may record a contrast agent (a fluid visible on x-ray) within the body.

Fluoroscopy can be used to image areas such as spine and joints, gastro-intestinal, urology, and is particularly useful for operative procedures such as the insertion of a catheter.

Fluoroscopy studies include examinations like barium swallows, barium meals, enemas and arthrograms. Mobile fluoroscopy units are also used in surgery, as the live images provides surgeons with precise, real time information on their patient.

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